Born from the boundless allure of flight, the Lincoln Aviator uses intentional horizontal lines and a sloping roof for a streamlined feel, creating a sense of power and motion. The Lincoln Signature Grille draws the eye to the front of the vehicle while the wrap-around windshield completes the overall aviation-inspired theme.

Each Aviator comes in a single trim level (with some stand-alone options). AWD is the default for both the conventional and hybrid models in Canada. The Aviator slots in between the full-size Navigator and the next-size-down Nautilus (which replaces the MKX)

The Aviator is a comfort and style utopia. The front seats are heated, they ventilate, and have five different types of massage; There’s a self-parking feature, (Active Park Assist) and it’s completely automated; as long as you keep your finger on the button, the Aviator steers, accelerates, and brakes by itself until it’s in the spot, parallel or perpendicular.

What is Torque Vectoring Control?

The (TVC) system is active when the Lincoln Drive Control is set to Sport Mode. TVC helps the Lincoln Aviator drive through corners with greater balance and poise. TVC individually influences the speed of the front wheels to enhance cornering agility by mitigating against a dynamic condition engineers refer to as understeer. When accelerating through corners and the system detects a drop in traction, TVC precisely applies brake force to the inside front wheel (that has less grip) causing a transfer of engine torque to the outside wheel (that has more grip). This helps keep the Aviator’s tracking on the driver's intended line through the corner.


Lincoln is tech-savvy!

The Aviator also introduces Lincoln’s Phone As A Key, a new function on the Lincoln app that lets you open and start the car with your phone rather than a key fob (which is still included with the vehicle, of course). It has all the expected overrides and security measures should your phone go dead, or you give your vehicle to a valet.

There’s no question that Lincoln has put together a very fine vehicle that offers a luxurious, and above all, very quiet experience. Those who are shopping for a luxury vehicle will want to give the Aviator a test-fly too.