Hometown Luxury

What Your Lincoln Ownership Experience Means

Experiences and services that put Maitland Lincoln owners on a smoother path – both behind the wheel and in the Sault.
PICKUP & DELIVERY - Because there's no greater luxury than your time, Maitland Lincoln provides you with the effortless way to service your vehicle.
Access exclusive events such as vehicle demonstrations and curated one of a kind experences right here in the Sault

At Maitland Lincoln we believe that true luxury should play a bigger role in your life, not just behind the wheel of our vehicles but also out in the world. It should make your life more effortless, preserving your time and energy for what matters most. To accomplish this, we've committed to owner experiences designed to do that very thing. That's the Maitland Lincoln Way.

Maintaining your Lincoln has never been easier. Schedule a pickup for your Lincoln whenever it needs service.Using the Lincoln Way™ app. A member from the Maitland Lincoln team will take care of the rest.

Concierge pickup available for Lincoln models 2018 and newer 

Mr. Maitland Lewis understood that his customers needed more than quality products--they also needed expert advice, and they always deserved exceptional service. Since 1984 these core values are part of Maitland Lewis' legacy at Maitland Lincoln today.

Complimentary car wash - After each service visit to Maitland Lincoln, we’ll return your Lincoln washed and ready for the road ahead.

Concierge and Lincoln service loaner. We want to make sure you’re getting the most out of our service. That’s why no question is too big or too small. Our qualified team is here to make your experience effortless.